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I have an embarrassing clarisonic confession

I purchased both of the recent clarisonic TSVs. I bought the first one to upgrade to the PLUS version but I must admit I don't use the body brush that frequently. I sold the philosophy skin care on ebay so it really ofset the price. I fell in love with the blue/green blossom from the most recent TSV because it was so pretty and purchased that one, also. So I just started keeping the first one in the shower with the sensitive brush head and using it in the morning, and keeping the blossom version at the sink to use in the evening. Totally unnecessary, but boy is the clarisonic helping to keep my pores clean. For the first time in about twenty years I have clean pores, which has been an obsession of mine.

TIP: By the way, I noticed by error that you should not use the clarisonic with makeup removers that are thick or non-water soluble. I remove my mu with aquaphor or vaseline and one time I forgot to wipe it off first and used my clarisonic over it. Even after repeatedly cleaning the brushhead it just never went back to it's original condition and wouldn't dry properly and got a funny smell.