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Re: I dont agree men age better

Men also don’t endure the ravages of menopause, lack of estrogen and all that entails. Even hormone therapy has its own set of issues. 


On on the other hand, whether they look better or not, men tend to die at an earlier age. There are many more single women after age 65 than there are men.

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Re: I dont agree men age better

For every man whose looks are enhanced with age, there are a dozen who look less than "enhanced."  Then again most men do not use the lotions, potions, make-up, hair color, and fashions many women (raising my hand) use.

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Re: I dont agree men age better

Men normally don't invest in much skincare and many don't use sunscreen. My husband is 73 and plays senior softball all summer long. Can't get him to use sunscreen. Consequently he definitely has some deep lines on his face. I would be so upset if that were me but it doesn't bother him. Woman Surprised

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Re: I dont agree men age better

@darlight wrote:

I have people watched alot and its not that men do not age, they get bellies, thier noses spread more.., they lose hair and they wrinkle. The difference is wrinkles on a man are less noticeable as roughness is part of being a man.

I also do not think men look better because they shave, please woman exfoliate and do all kinds of facial manipulation from thier teens...

 I dont like this lady on that is selling these ideas as I feel they are not trrue and I do not believe in her product.

I think when she does her absorbtion demo, it is obvious she is runbbing harder where she used the device. 

ok just my opinion..




What product, or product line, are you referring to?