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I called Philosophy Customer Service to address making PG last is what she said.

I spoke to Tatiana, who was very nice and very professional. I registered our usual complaints with Pure Grace with it not lasting on the skin...whatever form it is. My particular complaint was with the spray fragrance and even the parfum that really doesn't last very long. She said and I quote "that PG is a light fragrance and that is why people like it." I replied that we don't want to change the fragrance to make it stronger, just to make it last. There is a difference. I also said that now with Coty owning the company , Philosophy has the resources to make a formula change to address the lasting issue, and went on to say that if that change was made and Dara or ML made it be known that this was done, whatever they were selling would sell out down to the last unit. Also, I asked if Philosophy ever checks the boards or the product reviews on the Q and she said that " once a month they get a blog report". She went on to say that I had good suggestions and that she would "write up everything we discussed and pass it along to the proper person". She was genuinely interested in everything that was said. I would think that if we all call to express our opinions about improvement about PG or any other product, it might (wishfully thinking) prompt Philosophy to make changes. After all Coty is going to want to go into the black as soon as they can. This can only improve their future bottom line!...Val