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I am thinking of coming back to Phil-need your help please

When I ran out of my Philosophy kit that I purchased a few years ago, I didn't get anything to more from Philosophy. I found the HIAJ for all skin types to be very watery, not hydrating in the least (I was using it in winter, people were actually commenting on my moisturizer and how dry my skin looked). I now know there is a version for dry skin, which is tempting me to come back. Plus, I am turning 30 next year {#emotions_dlg.scared} . I have been noticing some fine lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows that I want to go away or lessen and keep new ones from appearing. I do miss Purity and (especially) the microdeliver exfoliating wash, but are kind of pricey unless you get a kit. However, I can't get both in a kit together with the right moisturizer for my skin type. There are way more choices than even a few years ago it seems. I get overwhelmed. I did talk to Phil cust. service and took the skin care quiz. However, i got a bit of conflicting advice. I would love your thoughts on what I should use. Here is a list of what I used before.

HIAJ (for all skin types, ugh) (should I try Miracle Worker or is that overkill?)

When Hope Is Not enough (CS rep said it wasn't necessary for me, skin quiz said I should use it, what to do?)

Hope in a Tube (didn't see any results with my puffiness, dark circles, due to allergies, so I am considering Eye Hope. Would you recommend something else?)

Micro delivery peel (really liked this a lot. It seemed to make my fine lines/expression lines fade a bit, at first anyway)

Purity (loved that it took off all of my makeup, particularily mascara and eyeliner)

Microdelivery wash (loved the exfoilation!)

At Ulta, one of the reps (I am not overly pleased with her people skills) told me I should use Help Me. She said she it would help with my fine lines ("elevens" between my eyes and on my forehead that she could see). I went a less expensive route (and now regret it) with Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair night and eye cream and Age Defense Anti-Oxidant daily moisturizer with 20 spf. They seemed to help my lines but made my skin dry and blotchy, which I don't find happens often because my skin seems pretty tolerant. Now (with DH's blessing), I am considering going back to Philosophy. I have concern with the price. It would be a splurge for us, which is the other reason I didn't continue using it considering the HIAJ was not for me. Should I use drug store cleansers and just use the treatments and moisturizers? The other thing I grapple with is that HIAJ doesn't have any SPF. I don't go out in the sun a lot, though I know you should use one anyway, but I hate to get another $40 moisturizer just for the spf. Should I try a drug store day cream and use Phil at night, get the HIAJ with spf or skip it all together (I think that last one will get me in trouble! {#emotions_dlg.blush})? What do you suggest I use and where do you suggest I get it (, QVC, Sephora, Ulta, etc.)? Do you know of any promo codes or discounts soon (I am running on fumes with my moisturizer situation)? Thank you for reading my novel and I look forward to your advice! {#emotions_dlg.biggrin}