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Thank you, ladies, for all the beautiful get well wishes.  7 days in the hospital but the edema is gone, breathing is back to no oxygen sitting although the dr. still wants me on a little.  I had fluid ON the top of my lungs so it was difficult getting in the air in and out (I had never heard of fluid on the outside of the lungs).  Ava was so happy to see me and walked out of her bed so I would pick her up.  She tugs at my heart.  Thank you all again, I was really pleasantly surprised at all the well wishes.

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So happy you are back home!!  I have been checking in every day, wondering how you were doing. You have a lot of people who care about you. Thanks for keeping us updated ❤️ 

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You have had MANY MANY MANY people here, praying for your recovery and Best Wishes!..

. . . . . . It seems it has worked!! 


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WELCOME BACK@KatCat1 !!!!!





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Great to read that you are much improved and back with Ava, who no doubt wondered where you were @KatCat1 .

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So happy to hear you are out of the hospital! Praying that all will go well going forward!

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So happy you are home . Wishing you a full and speedy recovery xoxoxo

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So happy to see you post.  Hoping you're feeling better and better each day.  

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@KatCat1  So glad you are back home and doing better.

Fluid around the lungs just happened to both of my moms, they both smoked many years ago but are paying for it now.

I pray you continue to get better resting at home. Please take care, sending you strength and prayers for healing.

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@KatCat1  So glad to hear you are back home and Ava was right there to greet you. Continued prayers for better health.

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@KatCat1 So happy to hear you're home and feeling better!  Also that you and your little Ava are reunited.  I have a beautiful granddaughter named Ava.

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