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Re: I Used to Have my Hair Like This

  Our Governor in VA extended the quarantine to 70 days today. That will be June 10. He changed the self quarantine to an order due to crowds in parks and at beaches over the week end. The date can be changed. 
  I colored my hair a week ago and cut it from a straight bob to shorter layered last night. The weather is getting warmer. 
  I have 3 boxes of color left! Then it may be grey! 
  You can cut your hair but I recommend good scissors or a razor. It's fun to experiment, you can do it!

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Re: I Used to Have my Hair Like This

I just recently ran across a big bag of scrunchies with 3" combs attached to each end.  I bought them off and on all through the 90's and initally they were sold at Nordstroms at an outrageous $30 each!!  But they held back my hair from my face and I was delighted with them!!  QVC also sold them towards the end of the 90's and I bought a couple then too. Also, never donated them because they were so rare and expensive that I decided to just keep them. 


I'm SO happy I have them again!!!  I'm planning to re-use them when this mop of hair starts to get unruly!!  Yay!!!

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Re: I Used to Have my Hair Like This

I have already trimmed the front of my hair. Will trim again if I have to. The gray is starting to show. Not good. Haven't colored my own hair in many years.