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Thanks!  That's very kind of you.  It's really priced like your average Sephora priced palette, it's just so unique!

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@monicakm wrote:

I still don't know what to do with it lol

I bet you'll know when you see it in person.

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Monicakm, why wouldn't you use the palette? It is pretty, but what would be the point of buying make up just to look at it? I don't understand why you're uncertain what to do with it. You could always give it away if not interested in using the palette. 

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@monicakm    wherever you live looks pretty forget the eye shadow.  LOL  No, the eye shsdow is pretty.  Is the red shadow or cheeks?

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I'm beyond confused.


what do you mean 'display it' or spray 'sealant' on it? 

why buy an eye palette if you aren't going to use it?!

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Gorgeous. I could see myself using most of the colors.

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Part of me (and everyone else I read about) is torn between using it and displaying it. 

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That website has some beautiful makeup items...really works of art!


I'm not much of a makeup person, but it was fun browsing.


I'd love to know the intensity of that red.  It might be a beautiful blush on, even though they show it on the eyes.


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@monicakm wrote:

The brand is Florasis.  I discovered a couple of months ago.  Swooned over it and forgot about it till it was just posted on a makeup forum.  


Do you really think it would grow mold?  I have the perfect place for it in my bathroom.  I'd have to remove the decorative candle that's there now.  I wonder if I could/should spray a matte protective sealant on it.

I have never had eye shadow or blush grow mold.  Even products that I have had for years.

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@monicakm   I just went to the Florasis website.  The products look amazing, like from a museum.  As I read the About Us page, I realized that these are not created (the images on the products themselves and also many of the "containers") by some machine, but it's handcrafted by artists/artisans doing the work on each piece.


Incredibly beautiful.  I'm not surpised at all that you might choose to simply admire and display them.  I don't think I would be able to use them and thereby erode the art.  Have fun, whatever you choose to do!