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Free shipping, no tax.  Girl on the makeupaddiction forum posted that she bought it and posted a photo.  I had finally gotten over seeing it the first time Smiley Surprised  Now to figure out whether to use it or display it.  QVC compression-bot doesn't do it justice.  Time to learn to like red e/s Smiley Surprised


r/MakeupAddiction - first purchase from Florasis, i have absolutely 0 regrets and am now fighting the urge to immediately return to the site and buy a lipstick and the finishing powder lol

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Very pretty.  I know I would display it. lol

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It's pretty.  I don't think I would ever be able to use it though.  So it would just sit and eventually grow mold if I bought it.


Just out of curiousity, what is the brand?

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@monicakm  -  What is the brand and where did you get it?  It's beautiful.  Please give a reveiw after you get the chance to use it.

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Oh, @monicakm , this is stunning.  I've seen this on Instagram and your photo makes it look even better.  


I thought the red center was blush, can't imagine using that color on my eyes!  


Seems a shame not to use it, although it is beautiful untouched.  Best of luck.  Let us know how you like it.

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Maybe I've been in the sun too long, but what is it?

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$70 for an eyeshadow palette is WAY out of my league.  And then to not use it?

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it is a work of art---but would NEVER wear any of those colors----would be nice  displayed with other interesting items of fashions--I have a fancy beaded purse that I HAD  to have just for the colors and beading--I can see that somehow displayed with that.

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Pretty colors.  Let us know if you use it and how it looks.

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Considering drugstore shadows run $7-$15 I don't think this is that pricey.  It certainly is beautiful.


What brand?