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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

Congratulations and thanks for your specifics in how you are doing it!  I also don't like fish much, but salmon can be prepared in so many satisfying ways.  Try broiled teriyaki salmon or grilled bbq salmon for those that don't like fish.   Salmon is available at costco in salmon patties in the freezer section- they taste burger like to me!

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

Sounds like every thing your doing is paying off. I take. Omega vitamins. Wondering if this counts.
I think it helps me. I do exercise daily and mostly work on my legs after I shower. 30 squats. I don't know why but it became a habit. Wierd I know!
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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

Congratulations on your weight loss and new positive outlook!


I've decided to eat a lot less wheat (I think wheat & simple sugars contribute to most weight gain) and add more salmon to my diet.

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

@JBKO, congratulations on taking such good care of yourself.  Salmon is not my favorite, even though we do have about once a week, but I could never eat it in the morning.  Watch your rice intake.  I eat a lot of it and am now cutting back as it can really upset your stomach if you have too much (like anything).

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

Congrats on the loss!  That's amazing but I'm pretty sure that a sardine will never pass my lips!!

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

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@sophiesofers wrote:

@skittles2    Everything you are doing sounds great!  I am glad that its working for you.  I do my workouts and my eliptical also.  I have cut out most processed foods and eat fresh fruits, veggies, and I stay away from red meat. I would like to start doing smoothies but am not sure exactly what to put in them.  Would you mind sharing some of your smoothie recipes with me? I would really appreciate it.  Thanks  

Hi, whatever blender you have-   I put off buying, or I should say using a Vitamix. I bought one Vitamix 7500, kept it for a few months, it just sat unopened, returned it, decided I made a wrong decison, so bought another, it sat around unopened too,  sold that one and yes, I bought a 3rd, the Ascent 3500!  That one I've kept and love it. 


I only make one kind of smoothie, the fruit changes a little: I don't measure any longer, just eye it, 


four 16-20oz smoothies per 64 oz container

I like them thick to use as a meal too.


cold green tea just enough to make the thickness drinkable, but you can use water, juice, whatever you'd like.- just enough to get it going, i may add more during the blending if it gets to being ice cream, which by the way is great!


I get kidney stones, so I have to choose ingredients with that in mind. Kale use to be a no no, many things are if you have the calcium oxalate form, but kale is ok, a lot of items are, and  foods that are occassional, can be ok if calcium in *food* form, not supplement form, is ingested the same time.


Spinach is a big no no.


here's my day in day out smoothie


16-20oz's  nonfat plain greek yogurt  (avocado is also very good) I just use yogurt


2 huge handfuls of kale


always frozen fruit- 



dark cherries



i might use all three or just 2.  

I'm still trying to find good frozen cantalope or green melon


you can always fresh banana ( good frozen too) or any fresh fruit, but if you use only fresh fruit add ice.

   I like frozen fruit because, can skip the ice. 




i really pack the machine, (if you have a Vitamix use the tamper, it's your friend.)



I'll also add  2-4t Tbls milled flax seed (chia is a no for stone formers)


and a tablespoon of real maple syrup, it has health benefits like honey.


Maple & Honey have similar benefits to the cardiovascular, inflammation, neurological systems. I picked maple because it addressed my concerns, but honey would have been fine too, and I never put more than a tablespoon in a batch.  over time hopefully, it  will provide benefits with minimal glycemic load.


That's it, boring, but I do better meal wise if I have a routine  I like, and don't have to think about. better for me if  I eat the same way, mostly, each day.


Smoothies can easily be converted to ice cream, or frozen yogurt in my case, just add less water and leave out kale if you'd like


and can become a sorbet/icy/slurpee, just leave out yogurt and kale if you'd like.


I've also made great soups, but every day I have smoothies.  If I only make smoothies with my Vitamix it's worth the price. 


My daughter was never, ever a breakfast eater, but I send her out with a smoothie, she loves it!  Wish I started years ago.


give them a try, with anything you'd like, experimenting is fun, and if you have picky eaters, don't tell them whats in it, say a fruity shake......



good luck!


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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

I think they are better meal replacements on the market. Andrew Lesssman uses Splender (surcalose) in his meal replacements plus another type of sugar.He never mentions this when he presents it but there is sugar in it. I bought it and as soon as I saw he has Splender in it in the trash it went. I can buy  any shake with sugar in it  in the supermarket and of course it will taste great. I would think he would use Monk fruit or another sweetener that is a better sugar substitute.

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

I think that it's wiser to lose weight in a way that you will be able to continue after you are on maintenance. What I mean is that it is wiser not to depend upon "replacements (liquid or otherwise) that may not even have the best ingredients.


If you need to supplement your meals for some reason, better to do that with maybe yogurt, fruit, or a handful of nuts.


The ultimate goal is to change your pattern of eating in a sustainable way so that you will be less likely to regain the weight.

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Re: I Lost 8.5 lbs in 2 Weeks

Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement. Not everything will work for everyone and I often refrain from letting people know what I'm doing for fear that it will invite discouragement. I like to share and spread good information and will continue to do so.


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