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I Just Got the IT Cosmetics Blush & Brush.....

I wanted to try the IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush Powder Blush Stain & Brush in the mauve color but was hesitant to try it as sometimes the colors are totally off from what is shown on the screen. The video was of no help as the models weren't shown wearing that color. Plus, in the reviews no one mentioned trying that color, only the other 2. Well, I went ahead a got it and love it. It was 100 here today and high humidity and I was out running around doing errands and I couldn't believe that the blush stayed on all day! Usually, I find that, no matter what the brand, the blush has either melted into the skin or worn off after a few hours. The mauve is nice plum color so I'm happy with my purchase. Even if I wasn't crazy about it, I would have kept it for the brush alone!