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The water pressure in my shower is never great- but in the heat this weekend- it was further reduced... I felt icky, oily, yuck & knowing Wen IS hard to rinse out-

I tried products sent to me gratis..

Garnier Fructis Fall Fight- shampoo, conditioner, spray..

LOL- my heart was pounding- UNFAITHFUL !!!! BAD GALAXXYGAL

After shamppoing (once) hair felt 'tangly' UOH- I thought

Following directions- I used the conditioner root to tip- & followed with the spray.

It may be coincidence- but I lost very few hairs & my hair looks like a cloud !!

I will never leave WEN....but I have to say- this IS a good trio line ( you must use all 3)

Promising to SAM tomorrow

I confess,