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I Had to Have It....Beachwaver Buyer's Regret

I've been thinking about the Beachwaver for quite awhile now. My hair is long enough and I think beachy waves would look cute, even at my age. So I ordered the thing. It came yesterday and I tried it this morning. I got a couple of good curls on the left side, but I was totally inept at the right side. I'm right handed and it was very confusing and awkward, trying to hold the hair out with the left hand and still be able to get the end in the little clip. I zinged myself a couple of times. Then, I kept hitting the buttons accidentally at the wrong time. After I got all done, my hair was just OK - what I'd expect for a first timer. It was disappointing that they didn't last very long, and it's not even windy or humid today. I wish I could be more enthused about it. I saw my daughter this morning. She said I could accomplish the same look with the flat iron. I think the Beachwaver is going back. {#emotions_dlg.sad}

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Re: I Had to Have It....Beachwaver Buyer's Regret

It's good that we can return those things that are disappointing! I agree with your daughter---I think there are other tools for that...there is one by John Frieda that looks good.

I noticed that Sara P. ""invents"" items that have been around for ages. I saw a version of the beachwaver years ago---and then there is that thing she has to aid in making a bun---I know I had one of those AGES ago...

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Re: I Had to Have It....Beachwaver Buyer's Regret

Sorry it didn't work for you. I always think it looks like a great idea, but then remember that I don't want to spend more than 8 minutes doing my hair and the darn thing would sit in cabinet and be a waste of money and space.

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Re: I Had to Have It....Beachwaver Buyer's Regret

Aw, I am so sorry JLF that it didn't work for you! My hair is several inches below shoulder and this is the ONLY tool I use. (Please don't tell Chaz, LOL)

Big buyers regret on that darn Perfecter which doesn't do a thing, doesn't even curl my ends very well, and falls out before I even get to work.

Beachwaver did take a little practice for me. I do my entire head in spiral curls in about 10 mins. now and my hair is long. Since I only WEN 2-3x/wk...I air dry (at least eliminating a hot dryer) use this and my curls last days. I twist up an night and never need a retouch.

I know hot tools are bad, but I only have to use this 2x per week since my curls last so long. To be honest, I do use the highest setting though.

I agree the buttons were an issue...stupid design placement. They should be raised so they are easier to find! Once I used it a couple times, it wasn't an issue anymore. Now I almost never miss.

Give it a couple more tries before you return...maybe it will improve for you. If not, I agree so glad we can use and return. Wish I would have returned the Perfecter, oh! and that Instyler too! ARGH!

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Re: I Had to Have It....Beachwaver Buyer's Regret

As RespectLife suggested, I would try it at least a couple more times. Every new hair gadget I try takes me a few tries before I figure out what I'm doing. I get set in my ways once I master a new tool and it's almost like auto-pilot and I don't even think about what I'm doing. Every new tool means learning a new pattern for the curls and figuring out how to hold everything and where to look, etc. If all else fails, pack it up and ship it back and be glad that you saved some $$.