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I Finally Got IPL for Sun Damage!

I had Intense Pulsed Light done yesterday for sun damage on my face. I have been wanting to do it for a while now, and my derm had a winter special of 10% off, so I went for it! It didn't hurt too badly, but there was pain, but thinking about the possible results, I gladly suffered through it!! For me the pain didn't last long after the procedure. Today, and immediately after, the sun spots are darker then they were, which is normal, but eventually (3-21 days, though the nurse said 21 days was much longer than anyone she has treated has to wait to heal) they will fade and/or flake off. You can wear makeup, so that's great. I am very excited to get this done, finally. The nurse even said I may only need one treatment, so I am hoping for that. Can't wait to see the results!!!