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I FINALLY got an answer from!

I had sent an email 2 weeks ago asking what color shadow stick was in the "fierce in 5 mins kit" from the infomercial and it is the color TAUPE! I am so glad i did not order it because I really thought it was twilight lol. Instead I ordered 2 of the twilight spring loaded shadows for $25 each-very pricey considering that I hated the application system and it not only wastes products but makes a mess. Still being the beauty hoarder that I am I had to order 2 of them since everyone keeps raving about the color and they already took it off qvc. I wanted to make sure I had enough lol. Anyway-I placed an order on thurs night and it shipped that same day! I live in n.y and it is out for delivery! I also placed an order on sat that shipped today! WOW fast service! I got free shipping on both orders because I added one of the infomercials kits in each order and there was no tax so it was alot cheaper than ordering from qvc. I would rather have ordered the kit for $40 than spend $11 in shipping which is outragous! Oh and I also want to add that I got the kit with the glow primer, shimmer shape and glow palette with brushes and bag for only $40! You ladies should check it out! Plus you get the free liquid listick. I will report back on how the orders arrive. I am hoping all will arrive in good condition since there is no customer service number and they take forever to respond! Hope you ladies have a wonderful day Smiley Happy