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I Embrace My Skin

I long ago decided that as I get older, I am going to accept and embrace my wrinkles.


The only thing that will make someone look 25 again, is a time machine, and so far, they haven't invented that.


I don't wear any make-up, none, zero, nada. 


No foundation.


No mascarra.


No lipstick.


No fillers or face lift for me.


No Botox or Juvaderm either.


It is so freeing.

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

I do not wear make up either.  I do use Retin A at night.

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

I believe there are things we can do to take care of our skin to keep it looking its best.  I use anything that works, and yes there are some that can improve on the condition and looks of your skin.  I don't use every cream and fly by night machine.  But I have results and look much better using what I use and that makes me feel better. 

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

Not me, I battle Father Time daily. I'm a sucker for a slick ad telling me I'll look better if I use their product. Once. After that, I will buy only if I see results on me. I, too, use Retinol. Through it all, I know, by looking at my 88 yr. old mother, that it's genetics, she has a gorgeous complexion.

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

I'm not going down without a fight! Woman LOL As long as I can afford the things I think are going to make me want to look in the mirror, then at least I do those things for myself. You only get to go around once in life and I try to make the best of that.Woman Happy

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

You should do whatever works for you. As for me , I don’t go crazy, but I always use moisturizer, a good eye cream and cleanser. The upside to taking care of your skin is you need less make-up.


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Re: I Embrace My Skin

Good for you!


I use makeup.  I scare small children and animals when I don't wear it.  I use a minimal amount but I look better and it makes me feel better.  I use a good cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.  No plastic surgery, injections, or real expensive creams, lotions, or potions.  My regimen is not complicated or time consuming.  Works for me.

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

  I love skincare & I love makeup. I do whatever I can to look good.I enjoy the compliments I get from people who don’t believe my age.

 That being said, to each their own.I don’t judge.I live my truth & my best life for me.Life is too short.Tomorrow is never promised.

 I’m grateful for all the blessings in my life.


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Re: I Embrace My Skin

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I can't imagine anyone thinking they will ever look 25 again but there are products that will improve the skin and look of everyone as they age.   I will never embrace the wrinkles that make me feel old and let it happen.  I have found and use many great products that have lessened the wrinkles considerably, lifted my face and now no more jowls or gobbler as evidenced by pictures from 15 years ago.  I love makeup and it is so relaxing and fun to start with a bare face and with makeup look really great and get many compliments from those I know and many I do not know.  We are all different and if anyone is happy with aging and chooses to do nothing or very little that is who they are but for me I am who I am and will never give up to more saggy skin, wrinkles, etc  since I know I would definitely look way older than I do without my skincare and makeup and that would make me feel older than I want to.  I know what my mother and grandmother looked like at my age (actually younger than I am now) and since I am the spitting image of both I just say no thanks to that look!!!  

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Re: I Embrace My Skin

I embrace my skin with a few lotions & potions.

I no longer wear make-up daily but always a good sunscreen & lipstick.

I'm relatively low maintenance.

I opt for clean & hydrated & protected.


I did order the Crepe Erase.    I believe it's due to surgery but one hand & arm is showing age more quickly than the other, it will be a good experiment if nothing else.

I'm 66