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Hyper" Hosts., <p>"Hyper Hosts"...........</p> <p>Doesn't QVC realize that this turns viewers off? QVC never use to be this way. The Hosts now seem like snake oil salesmen. I haste to say how many times I have changed the channel due to this.</p> <p>butterfly</p> ,36,0,0,249,0,2010-12-09 16:38:31.707,NULL,10,0.0,0,0,0,2010-12-09 16:38:31.707,400966,2010-12-09 16:38:31.707,400966,0,0,NULL,,NULL,NULL,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,2010-12-09 16:38:31.707,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL, 134585,1,1,505292,"If Chaz Dean wants to change it, he would have done it long ago...

Everytime a WEN TSV comes around, there's always a thread complaining about the mostly nude female and male models, and them standing so close together, etc, etc...

If Chaz Dean wants to listen to this group of his customers, he would have done so long ago and changed his ads, and photos on the brochures and DVDs. In fact, he continued to shoot new ads and photos in the same style after these complaints surfaced - this indicates that he doesn't care about your complaints. It's not like he doesn't know about these complaints since one of his employees frequents the Beauty Banter Board. So, stop complaining. You will not achieve anything by complaining. If you find the photos offensive, simply return the products and stop buying and tell your friends and neighbors not to buy. Make yourself heard with your purchase decision cos in this case, complaining is not gonna get you anywhere.