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How long do you think the 32oz bottles can last in your shower without spoiling?

I have 4 shower racks loaded with philosophy shower gels not to mention that majority of them are the uber 32oz ones. I usually go thru my shower gels quickly but now that I have learned to slow down and use less. I can imagine all of these giant bottles will last even longer and thats even with me using it as shampoo. I made the huge mistake by opening up every single new one that I have gotten and my closets are filled with back up's so I literally have no space! I currently have about 25 uber bottles opened not including the 16oz ones! I guess between all of the graces,ice cream ones, and all the other limited 32oz ones they have put out-I wanted that instant gratification of opening them all and using a different one each day. Afterall, thats my only indulgance (ok and food is too lol). As soon as I finish a scent-I then open up it's back up immediatly leaving me no time to just use up what is already opened! Bad bad habit! Now it just occured to me-will all of these bottles go bad before I use them up? While I admit I go thru these bottles alot faster than the rest of you-still I have cut down on going crazy with over using but I am basically the only one that uses it besides my 3 year old (who I occasionally alternate with along with her baby bath products)

I spoke to 2 skin care consultants from 2 different companies regarding the shelf life of some skin care products that I had purchased and the funny thing is that both of these ladies mentioned to never leave your products in the shower as the heat/humidity combo just kill the products ingredients and it's life span. They said this is with any product and I have read about this before. Just thought if this was told to me by 2 totally different companies that there must be a reason for this theory. I can see keeping one or two bottles of body wash,shampoo,conditioner and cleanser in your shower as those would go quickly but for me to have the abundance of products opened (and this includes skin care cleansers and hair care-not just shower gel) in my shower-I really hope this does not happen to me! Hopefully they will stay fresh until I use them up and those parabens that we all worry about will at least "preserve" and be useful for something besides being harmful! Lesson learned-from this point on what ever it is that I order-only open no more than 2 at a time! As much as my skin,body and hair craves product rotation-My wallet also craves saving money! LOL