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Re: How do you remove fragrance from your skin?

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I bought a set of 23 fragrance samples from Macy's, trying to find a new favorite. I've been testing one a day but I'm getting impatient and want to be able to test at least two a day, to get the process done. I've been trying the fragrances on the inside of my wrist because that's a spot I can easily sniff throughout the day, as the fragrance dries down and evolves.


Today, I washed the area with soap and water, then followed it with an alcohol wipe but the scent remained.  I didn't want to put another scent over any lingering fragrance because it would alter the new one.


Is there anything you ladies know of that will neutralize a fragrance on the skin? TIA

Take a bath instead of a shower to get rid of the older smells.  Once I hit the bath or shower (for me), there is no semblance of my daily scents.

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Re: How do you remove fragrance from your skin?

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I don't have a suggestion but I absolutely love your siamese kitty😻😻😻.


Off topic but we recently had to say goodbye to our precious kitty and we've always had both blue & seal point siamese.  Spouse is wanting another so your sweet kitty caught my eye😸


Good luck finding the right perfume.  I gave up on that years ago thanks to allergies☹️

@homedecor1 I'm sorry about the loss of your kitty. 😥 Ours is named Harley and he's 17 months old now. He's actually a seal point ragdoll and quite a character! 😊 Good luck with your search for a new kitty!