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Re: How do you like the PTR today's special value

I am already pleased with his Retinol Fusion PM and figured I would try the other products. The pads are okay, but I am not overly impressed with the cream. It never seems to fully absorb and remains a little sticky, although that's not a deal breaker if it produces results. I haven't been using it long enough to fairly evaluate it's efficacy. I think the bag that was touted as being a "special gift" was absolutely ridiculous! It is very hard to take the products seriously and have any confidence in the line's quality and credibility when it shows up in a CHEAP, tacky presentation like that! Hope the new products aren't as equally unimpressive. Pretty embarrassing for PTR I would think.

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Re: How do you like the PTR today's special value

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@tulips wrote:

I'm new to PTR & did receive the TSV, but I have a question.   I do all 3 steps, giving my skin time to absorb each product seperately.    But what I'm finding is that the "cream" doesn't seem to absorb into my skin & even after an hour, it feels slightly sticky.  It feels like it's just sittiong on top of my face - have you noticed this?  Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help or advice!

@tulips  I've done one right after the other so I haven't experienced this.  Not sure if I'm supposed to do that but I do and I didn't have the stickiness or sitting on my face.  


However, I have removed the cream from the regimen.  I think the cream is just too much for skin and has caused a blemish here and there so I've stopped using it and have just done the pads, retinol and I'm using up the laser resurfacing serums I have from another kit.  Works much better for me.  My pores don't seem to be happy with creams right now.  They like the thinner stuff.        

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Re: How do you like the PTR today's special value

I love the new pads.  I already have an opened retinol and night cream.

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