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How To You Get Past the SMELL

I am coming from using all organic, fragrance free products. I am 51 years young and got sucked into the Philosophy show last week - so off to Sephora I went. Looking at Hope in A Jar - open up and the SMELL - I know people say is disapates - but I had it on and after 1/2 hour still the SMELL. Also the Miracle Worker line - tried everything - again the chemical SMELL .......

I actually got a headache, my nose ran for hours, my eyes sting - does anybody else have these issues? If so, did you just quite using or ignore and suffer because you saw amazing results? Do you see the results that Philosophy implies (Miracle Worker has 92% improvement of almost everything across the board with 100% improvement in dullness).

Just looking for some guidance/information from anybody - PLEASE I AM NOT DOGGING THIS LINE - being a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist - I know more than I want to about chemicals and what they do to our bodys/minds/neurological systems. I have been a vegetarian for 31 years, and have always used organic products (shampoos, soaps, skin care, makeup, etc)......

I hope everybody has a lovey Sunday.