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How To Keep Posts From Disappearing:

{#emotions_dlg.biggrin} Dearest Philosophy Ladies and any interested others,

I have read where many of you have written long posts and had them just disappear. It seems that the longish posts always do this and I had this happen to me a number of times. How maddening to compose a lengthy note, spend a considerable amount of time writting it, editing it and just have it disappear right before your eyes, no? Sometimes it just makes you want to cry />. So when I am writing any post now, here is the method I use so that this never befalls me again thus wasting precious time, much less having lost the original composition of my thoughts:</p> <p>As you are writing after you have maybe a paragraph or few sentences (use your own discretion)</p> <p>1. select your text (click your mouse and move your cursor along text) (selected text will have a black background)</p> <p>2. press the <strong>ctrl</strong> (control) button</p> <p>3. while <em>still holding</em> the <strong>ctrl</strong> button down press the <strong>c</strong> (alphabet) button. (Think c for copy).</p> <p>Your text will be copied.</p> <p>To paste the copied text:</p> <p>1. press the <strong>ctrl</strong> button</p> <p>2. while <em>still holding</em> the <strong>ctrl</strong> button down, press the <strong>v</strong> button.</p> <p>Your text will be pasted.</p> <p>I say to do this every few paragraphs just to be safe; but make sure you do it <strong>before</strong> you hit that submit button! Select your whole box of text and/or images and/or quote from another member. With a long post, you will most likely see it disappear. Don't worry, you are safe. Simply paste the text again in your now empty box, and press the submit button again. This time it will post! I have had 100% success with this method. You might want to consider practicing on this thread to see for yourself how it works before you write your next lengthy text. (Just write anything, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone, this thread is for info.) One other thing I learned from experience; use the copy method if you ever need to press the back button to reference another page of the thread you are on, or for any other reason you need to move away from your text box. Because if you do your text is going to disappear in that scenario as well. Okay, two other things. As I'm writing anything, I use the copy - paste shortcut to help me edit and compose, it saves me a lot of time. Hope this helps everyone to stop suffering the frustration they've been experiencing with this.<img src=


*And yes, I absolutely had to do this twice! Thank goodness I copied!