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How Long Does it Take You to Use Up a Kit? Do You Keep the Kit Together

I was wondering how you gals use your BE. I am pretty new to BE, although I have a couple of kits, I haven't used them yet (gasp!). Do you keep your kits together or separate everything into categories. Do you think it matters as far as keeping the kits together so as to get a certain look?

How do you find it best to store these? Also, generally, how long does it take you to use up one kit. (Although I am sure most of you own more than one). I just get very tempted by these kits and I would want to buy every one (love the bags that come with them too). Can these products go bad?

Has anyone tried the skin care line? How does it work for you? I have very sensitive skin (fair with rosacea and with large pores (yuk)).

I know I asked many questions, and I appreciate your responses in advance!

P.S.: I am looking for something (Mineral Veil?) to reduce the look of the redness and size and appearance of my pores. I think that BE is the line that carries Mineral Veil that is best suited for this purpose. I have used Philosophy mineral powder, as well as the facial cleanser, but I would like to try something new.