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@Harpa   @CANDLEQUEEN   Yes, that's it -- Victoria Beckham.  Thanks, Harpa.

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I love that Hourglass is cruelty-free, and the packaging is very nice; however, I have never felt their products lived up to the hype given the high price tag.  

I quit buying from the brand about a year ago after I decluttered a couple of the Hourglass powders, and realized there were better, cheaper things out there (at least for me)..

I did use one of the lighter ambient powders (cannot remember the name), but found that Wet n Wild ‘Reserve Your Cabana’ was a great dupe (at a fraction of the cost).  I did a side by side comparison one morning, and I could not tell a difference between the two once it was applied.  

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@Katcat1 wrote:

@CANDLEQUEEN  I have never heard of that brand.  Have you seen the prices on her cosmetic line (I can't think of her name) but she was one of the Spice Girls and is married to the famous soccer player.  She also designs clothes.

@Katcat1 , I am confused. Are you saying that Victoria Beckman owns Hourglass? It was started by Carissa Jones and has since been sold to Unilever. They are a cruelty free brand. Victoria Beckman never had owndership of this company.

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Victoria Beckham started her own skin care line. Currently, it is only available on her website. She consulted with Augustinious (sp?) Bader on which ingredients should be used. Her line is pricey.

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Re: Hourglass Cosmetics!

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Back to Hourglass..., I could not order on Thursday because the site was too slow.  I tried at work on Friday same thing, and its the same way today.  I missed out on the Free Ship and the deluxe wrapping that expired on Valentines day.  I tried to complain via the contact us link on the website but it just spins.  Very poor customer service.

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@Tricolor  No.   Victoria Beckman has her own cosmetic co.  I have visited her website.  A bit pricey but so are her clothes.


I never heard of Hourglass.

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Well I received my products so quickly-overnight! They were wrapped beautifully. I love the Brow Pencil, it is really nice, reminds me a bit of Anastasia Brow Wiz...The powder is very nice as well, however I think I still like my Dermablend powder best! It was nice to be able to try the mini sizes, I would re-order the Brow Pencil in full size though.......