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Has anyone ever used them? I hav only tried one thing which is their Ambient Powders which are nice, although a bit pricey....Right now their website is offering free overnight delivery on any order.......Just curious if anyone has tried any of their other products?

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I have tried two of their foundations a couple years back and found them to be heavy in formulation/texture and also, the shade range was limited.  For reference I am medium-olive complected and found the shades offered in my range were too light.


I also tried their brow pencil which was excellent.  I couldn't bring myself to pay the high $$ price for it though, $37.00 I believe?  


And yes, the ambient powders - both the all over powders and the blushes.  Very pretty.

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Re: Hourglass Cosmetics!

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I love their concealers which are creamy an don't settle into fine lines.   I have been impressed with the Ambient powders too   Yes, this line is expensive but the product lasts a long time.   Thanks for the heads up about free shipping. 

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I use the ambient light powders and love them. Don't love the prices, but they do last a long time. Can go on sheer or you can layer for more color without looking dry or powdery. 

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Re: Hourglass Cosmetics!

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Yes, all their products are good quality products. Their Veil Mineral Primer is a favorite of many. It's very nice. My favorite is their Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. Been using it for probably a decade now. It's pricey but has tons more product than any other brow pencil out there so it's worth the splurge. It lasts on my oily skin even during our humid summers. 

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I use the Veil translucent powder.  I got the travel size.  Since I only wear makeup about once a week that'll last me for quite awhile.  I do like it a lot. 

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Love Hourglass! My favorites are their Vanish Airbrush Concealer, Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick,Veil Translucent Setting Powder, Confession Ultra Slim Lipsticks,Caution Extreme Mascara, Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint which is actually a medium coverage foundation. 

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I have H. Ambient Vol. 4 palette. Shades are beautiful! But I do not find the powders as silky as It.

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I have - purchased them at Sephora. Love them! Its one of those hidden secrets - great quality and I love the product. Its the only blush that I can wear that looks natural and not like I burned my cheeks in a fire. 

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Well I just ordered their Brow Sculpting Pencil in a Mini, and their translucent powder in a mini......Nice to be able to try them in a smaller size first! Thanks everyone for your responses!