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@MamawskidsMamawskids wrote:
I'm so tired of hearing some if the host talking about a product, saying that it's there favorite thing, they use it all the time. Then you will see them later talking about the same type of product but a different brand saying the same thing. I have bought products in the past based on the word of host. It just bothers me. Just needed to rant! Sorry!



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I agree with your sentiment.  I noticed this selling tactic years ago with the host Jill Bauer. (No longer with QVC-moved on to other ventures.)  She would do it with beauty items and other merchandise, like handbags.  To me it is rather insulting.  I know, I know, it's a selling tactic and they are sales people.It makes me feel like they believe the customers just don't listen very well or are rather dumb!   

That is exactly what they are hoping is true. 

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” -Mark Twain
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What bothers me is there is one 60’ish model they show before and after for both Josie Maran and Perricone. I think that invalidates both brands claims.I like items in both lines but take there claims with a grain of salt.
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I believe the hosts are told what to say on air. That's what they are paid to do.

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I notice this, too.  Haha.  QVC is a sales channel.  And the hosts are not really hosts.  They are sales people.  They probably are not that annoying, when not watched too much.  

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Yes, they are SALES ASSOCIATES!!! Their job is to sell, sell sell!!! QVC is no different from HSN. I have sent sooo many products back , and it makes me laugh that people hang on to every word they say!!! I am so sick of AM (HSN) remark that people always ask her about this and that.. Can I say GULLIBLE!!! Do your homework, read reviews, then make an informed decision. I am guilty of falling for the hype also, not anymore. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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It's my guess that the hosts actually are given things to try - thus they can say (I suppose one might think) in a truthful way, that they use such 'n such.

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They are sales people that's what they do... They need to sell

and push each and every item. 

This happens in every field of selling...

Clothing, Cars, Real Estate, Make -up, Furniture, Jewelry. You don't have to buy everything..