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Hospital Beauty Regimen

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After being hospitalized through the entire holiday week with a serious ailment I need something to laugh about.  Being admitted as an emergency patient, there was no time to plan what to bring for my week in a tieback cotton poplin gown.  I was there with nothing. 


My bathroom looks like a small beauty boutique, but I didn't want to overburden my emissary with too long a list.  These are the items which I chose for a bare bones routine.  Purity, Josie Maran Argan oil, Perlier Snow Angel shower gel and body cream, Nick's Mesquite Serum, boar bristle brush and a wide tooth comb. I had no need for makeup and could not wash my hair, but just having those few products lifted my mood.


BTW: I'm ok and on the road to recovery.  It may take a while before things are back to normal, but it's a blessing to be here to tackle that challenge.

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You made some good choices.  

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Sending you healing thoughts. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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Glad to hear you are on your way to recovery.


I remember being in the hospital for a week in 2004.  I know how you feel being without.  You did make some good choices.


Take care

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So sorry!  If you'd been close I would have brought you a little Christmas goodie!


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Happy to hear you are well on the road to recovery.  I am wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead.

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Glad you're better! I've had a touch of the flu or something, and I'm better today, thank God! It was seriously getting on my nerves.........


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Re: Hospital Beauty Regimen

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Glad you are on the way to recovery. I have already broken my (halfa$$) rule to cut back. I have way too much stuff!  


Couldn't resist some of the deals at HSN today. Anyone interested. G by guiliana gabardine pants that she presented for the Alice through The Looking Glass special are marked down to $9.99. There was still a big selection a few hours ago. 


I'll start again tomorrow. Just have to stop looking, lol. 

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Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. 


@Reba055, I ordered those Guiliana pants and the matching hi-lo tank a couple of weeks ago.  Both were delievered last week while I was gone, but finding a package to open was better than cut flowers for this sick old lady.  The outfit cost $25 (free s& h) which is cheaper than a bouquet of flowers.