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Re: Hormones after Hysterectomy

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You might ask your Dr. if a cheaper generic version would work for you & have him write you a script for a few weeks worth of pills to find out? After my hysterectomy, I was on oral estrogens & they were generics & not expensiive at all, but my liver wasn't happy, so my Dr. switched me to a patch & I've been on this ever since. I'm even on a generic patch now.

I was on the patches as well and they worked great .Premarin is not the only hormone replacement available out there. Speak to your doc. My doctor slowly weaned me down off the hormones over 5 years from age 53 until age 58 - so for 10 years now I've been on nothing. Get occasional slight hot flashes, even though it has been 10 years.

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Re: Hormones after Hysterectomy

I took Premarin (slowing weaning dosage down) for 14 years.  Hysterectomy at 41-stopped taking them at 55.  Eight (8) years) later was disagnosed with breast cancer-mastectomy, chemo.  Went on Arimidex (anti-estrogen) after cancer treatment for 5 years;  think about it-you take estrogen, then develop breast cancer and you get put on Anti-estrogen meds.  Seems like there is absolutely a link here--