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Generally, I stay away from holiday kits because I get some of what I love and throw the rest away.


Went to Ulta today and all the kits are in from Bare minerals to whatever!  Had fun looking, esp at Laura Geller and Urban Decay!!!!!

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We've been talking about them, in this thread if you want to see what others have posted already

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Just a suggestion - instead of throwing away items from all those beauty kits (or items we buy) and don't use, consider saving them for the annual Girl Scouts collection of items for women who are in "safe shelters". If your area of the country doesn't participate in that, there are usually quite a few shelters for women in most areas of the country.

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If I had a daughter or a friend that really loved makeup, a makeup kit would make a beautiful gift.  Estee Lauder always does it up for the holidays.  I like Origins, Laura Mercier and Dior.  For myself, I would not purchase as I have enough makeup.  Give me a gift card to Jo Malone and I would be happy. Cat Very Happy

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