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Holiday Angel (my review) & your thoughts ...

So I picked this up in June (Christmas in June sale) and have been dying to open it. Finally did ... Well at first you do get a very nice whiff of an angel food cake scent but to me and my nose it quickly dissipates and you're left with a very basic cake batter smell, very close, right next door practically to the Vanilla Birthday Cake scent. I like VBC but I was thinking the HA would have been an entirely different scent. I don't hate it by any means, but was hoping for more.

Another thing, it lists on the bottle 'high foaming' and the liquid itself has a slight iridescence to it (much like an AG) however it left me feeling a bit dry compared to the really rich and creamy ones.

Kind of bummed, probably would not re-order this one (do they even still have it? Haven't been paying attention I guess lol)

Anyhow that's my review. Your thoughts on this if you've used it? Is just my nose???