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Right now cream products in general are having a moment


You can say that again!  But it just takes  one person on YT to sing the praises of a product and everyone picks up on it.  I sometimes use Rare Beauty's liquid blushes but I've not tried anyone's cream blush  If I did, I would apply them with a barely damp beauty blender.  After I squeeze out the water from my BB, I then give it a good  squeeze with a towel.

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So...I love cream-to-powder blushes. I don't like most cream blushes that don't dry down or have a wet finish. I miss the Maybelline Dream Matte blushes with the mousse texture. I wish they'd bring those back.

I've heard good things about the Hourglass blushes. Looking forward to trying those.

If anyone has tried any cream to powder blushes, I'd love to hear about them.

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

I have never been that into cream products.  They are okay but I much prefer powder and I'm not jumping on the cream product trend. I find most cream blushes to be too finicky to deal with.  I just want to slap on some powder with my brush and move on.  And I really don't understand the concept of using both creams and powders.  

@Lipstickdiva  That's cool and I have never been into powder products aside from Bare Minerals. I can't use talc so that eliminates 95% of powders. Now a days there's a larger range of non talc products so I do use powder very sparingly. Setting a creme blush w powder is simply for staying power much like others using a translucent (or whatever) to set their foundation. I mainly do that in the summer. 
We're so lucky to have so many products to choose from at all price points!  Different strokes for different folks & all that. Whatever works ❤️

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I prefer cream blushes. The color shows up on my brown skin a lot better. But I don't wear foundation or concealer so they tend to last longer on me than powder would.