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Re: Help with Elbows

@dodies wrote:

Hi Jamma: saw the reply to your post about the lemon halves. My mom did the same thing, as I do, cause I have a lemon tree and waaaay too many lemons, but she would add a couple  drops of olive oil and a sprinkle of sugar and sort of squish it back and forth. The lemon juice took care of discoloration , the sugar was a scrub for smoothness and the olive oil softened them beautifully. Voila!  All in one step. Works great Good luck finding an answer!

Thanks---got all the ingrediants---I shall give it a try.

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Re: Help with Elbows

@Jamma Please post your I’m really curious!

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Re: Help with Elbows

I would think redness on the skin would indicate inflammation and lemon juice is acidic so how would that decrease inflammation. I would find a cream or lotion that actually reduces inflammation in the skin.