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Re: Help, what’s the best self tanner

I am relatively new to self tanners. Had a spray tan once and tried the Jergens gradual lotion. I couldn't stand the smell of either! Somehow, I found the bareMinerals Faux Tan for body here on the Q, AND I LOVE IT!! There is no self tan scent at all! I've used it for about 2 weeks and have gotten nothing but compliments from coworkers. I love the color, the application brush to apply (easy and doesn't get on my palms) and the fact that I can see where I'm applying it because the product is brown. Instant gratification because it immediately gives color that does not transfer! Develops pretty quickly too. I had heard it was discontinued and was seriously debating buying another set -mine came with one bottle, the brush, a face powder tanner and the brush to apply it. While I love the face powder as well, that will last forever!. As of last night, I went to add it to my cart and *poof*, it was sold out. BUT, now Q is selling 2 bottles and the brush!! Ordered and on its way! Look under bareMinerals and you'll find it!