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I went through a similar situation with my face sagging after years of bad lifestyle choices, then illness and then weight loss. I hated the way I looked at age 47 back then. I looked so much older  and I didn't want that! So I made an appointment with a derm to see what could be done. Turned out I had laser lift procedures done on my face, eyes and neck to tighten the skin on those surgical cutting.  It was a total of 6 treatments over a span of 6 months. The results were fantastic. I'm 63 now and the results are still with me, although I could use some tweeking Woman Very Happy, I'm still very happy with how I look. I think I look younger than 63 and so do my friends. it's not an inexpensive thing to do but it costs less than a traditional face lift by far and there's no cutting.

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If you really want to do something about it, do everything you reasonably can. Face exercises, collagen generating skincare, devices and gadgets, temporary lifting serums, makeup contouring tricks, maybe an injectable or minimally invasive derm treatment... Each one helps a little bit. Cumulatively you can have a real effect on how you look.


And then save up for something more medically drastic when you are able. Surgery and other methods can be used together. Very little of it is mutually exclusive.

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Serious Skin Care Correc-chin is THE BEST for neck and dec sagging and wrinkles. Check Evine -- it was on special over the weekend.
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Oh yea, I forgot, add the FIRM-A-FACE (also Serious Skincare) to the Correc-Chin for incredible results!!
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@on the bay wrote:

@KCDiva -

Well, you are not alone! I admire those that have the courage (or funds) to opt for some kind of surgery.

If it was me, I would just try to concentrate on the features I can enhance-your eyes, your cheekbones (think contour) and just embrace the beautiful life and you because 

all those turkey necks and things don't take away from who you are as a beautiful person.

That's what I try to think and also try to ignore the mirror too much!

@on the bay, wonderful post. I'd add only that @KCDiva , should be proud and happy that she she has lost weight and potentially decreased her health risks.

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Hi KC, WOW congrats on your weight loss!!! A dear friend of mine also lost a lot of weight and did have jowls and folds in her face. She had a lower face lift and the results were fantastic. She looked natural and fresh. Nothing looked 'pulled' or strange. Topical items will not work for your issues. Have a few consultations with  Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. They are very informative and free. Last summer I had my upper eyelids done. I am thrilled witn the results! I met with two Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and they answered all of my questions, Good Luck!!! 

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When it comes to excessive hanging skin, topicals and facial exercises won't help.


Only surgery will get rid of the excess skin.

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Congratulations on yourweight loss!  I know how hard it is to lose weight. I lost over one hundred pounds over two years. These are some things that helped me.


I finally accepted nothing is going to get rid of loose skin except for surgery. I can't afford it, so I have stopped considering it. To hide my wobbly neck, I grew my hair a little longer. My side profle is better. With my longer hair, I can wear statement earrings. I found larger jewelry distracts from my neck. Attention goes to my jewelry first!


I treat myself to a monthly facial. My skin is smooth and glows. I buy the best skincare I can afford and use it religiously. My skin has improved tremendously. It's not firmer, but lines have diminished.


Lastly, I am wearing more stylish clothing. I can wear outfits I would never have tried before my weight loss. I buy clothes  that make me feel confident and pretty! I have maintained my weight loss for six years. I will keep my loose skin, knowing I am healthier and have more stamina. I am sixty years old and took up bicycle riding again!


Age and beauty are all about attitude! Good luck to you!




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I like the NuFace. There are actually very similar face machines just like that one if you search online or amazon! They are not as costly.  I have not used any of them though.

NuFace does work if you use it as instructed. Take pics of before and after so you can see the difference. It is not a giant difference but I feel it works  Smiley Happy