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Heads up on upcoming in store event Amazing Grace gift with purchase.

This will be for Mother's Day.

There is a gift with purchase event coming up that will be by pre-order and the offering is 20% off uber sizes, but...

There will also be an "Amazing" Amazing Grace gift with purchase. The purchase will depend on the gift, so it could be anywhere between $75.00-$130.00.

I told the store about the ladies and gents online, so hopefully, they will be equipped to fill phone orders and shipping is free over $50.00 just like on the Philosophy website.

I will post more details as I find them out.


They told me it was a great gift with purchase and they know I'm not often impressed, so when they say "great" I'm expecting a gift of value of at least $100 or greater.

My favorite gift with purchase was during their charity event last December that included an arsenal of Pure Grace full size products, so in order for it to be "amazing" it has to be as good or better than that one.

Okies, enough blabbing on.

I will keep you updated.