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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

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@On It wrote:

@ShoppingHere I began cutting my own hair during the lockdown. I am still doing it. My hair is an undercut somewhere between chin and shoulder length depending on how often it is cut. I should disclose my hair is very thick, so mistakes don't show so much.


There is a tool (but I lost the name) that someone mentioned in a previous post. It holds your hair in position and you cut using it as a guide. You might do a google search and find it. It looks like a large, flat clip.



Shark tank had a man on it that bad a tool shaped like a shark to hold your hair while you cut it.

I trim mine so I don,t have to go so often.  I get compliments on my hair, so I guess I,m not doing so bad.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

@Harpa   I've trimmed up my hair since I was a teen.... Bangs for sure, neckline when growing out a pixie (keeps away the mullet) and layers in a pixie when necessary.


In all honesty, when I'm wearing a curly style, cutting on it covers up a multitude of sins. Straight styles show the layers a lot and requires more attention and patience.

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

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Yes, all the time- I have very difficult hair to cut ( it's coarse, oddly wavy-curly, but not pretty ringlet curls, and a strong cowlick at the crown that directs all the hair straight onto my face). I have almost never liked a haircut done by a stylist and if I did like, they can never duplicate it when I go back... I was constantly disappointed. 

I gave up on salons and always cut it myself. I get the outer overall shape the way I want, Ex, angle the front along my face, and the back is long enough to bring to my chin to cut evenly. Then I angle some layers in, while making sure both sides are the same length. Sometimes I use a CreaClip. I am never disappointed with my own cuts!  Suggest to Watch YouTube videos first.  No fear, give it a try! 

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Re: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

Been cutting, coloring my own hair since the mid 70s, even did my own hair for sons wedding.......I was never happy with the beauty shops job they did

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msny othersRe: Have U ~or~ Do U ..Cut yr own hair?

Like many others, I'd often only trimmed my bangs. A few years ago, though, I began actually taking off a few inches in the fall, because I generally just wear my hair up throughout the summer. I've gotten good at it lol.

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