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Re: Has anyone purchased beauty items from Cut & Blow

I have decided against ordering from this site. I'm just going to go by my own little instincts until I hear differently. One big red flag for me is the lack of information. It's great that they have a contact number, but it would be even greater if they had a FAQs page that included their return policy.

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Re: Has anyone purchased beauty items from Cut & Blow

On 12/14/2014 suzyQ3 said:

Just an FYI to passersby here: A poster started a thread here entitled "Have you tried Laura Mercier moisture supreme foundation." Another poster replied with information about a different LM foundation that she likes that is housed in a jar.

I posted a comment, not a reply, suggesting that there are better delivery systems than a jar for foundation. It's my opinion that a tube for a cream or a pump dispenser for a liquid is more sanitary and effective in prolonging the effectiveness of the product. This is what I posted: "I personally would not want to use a foundation that's housed in a jar. It just creeps me out to think of sticking my fingers in there. It can't be very sanitary. If I wanted a cream formula, I'd look for one in a tube; if I wanted liquid, I like the ones in a pump dispenser."

That was the entirety of my comment, but the poster who posted about the jar foundation apparently took great offense at my opinion and ranted incoherently, calling me Ms. Sanitary or something like that, went on about how I always respond to her posts in a negative way (I haven't had any interaction with this poster for ages), and claimed that it's obvious that I don't like her and that the feeling is mutual.

Her post has since been deleted. But obviously, she feels the need to continue this inane and juvenile behavior now on my thread here.

You are hardly innocent and always start the negative comments about what I say so I will play along with your games. However, not for long, as I find it boring.

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