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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?

@Witchy Woman  - Hi!  I only had one experience with balayage and I ended up having to get my hair redone with foil highlights.  It just did not work on my hair.


I didn't realize the new stylist I was going to only does balayage.  He even studied over in Europe for a while.  Well, my hair just never took, he even put me under a hairdryer for a while.  It turned out a golden, yellowish, brassy awful color mixed in with my naturally dark blond hair.  He had one of his other stylists do foil highlights a couple weeks later and it came out great..  He gave me a great haircut, he really knows hair, but the balayage just didn't work with my hair.


I don't know why it is more $$, because all they do is "paint" it on your hair!  So I guess you have to determine the results you want and let your hairdresser know, or ask them their opinion of what you should get - either way, I hope it works out for you!  I haven't went to get my hair cut yet, not that I don't need it, been 5 months now, but out county has been going crazy with rising Covid rates.  Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?



I do have that concern with my own hair.  It is medium brown, but often turns brassy shortly after I get a salon color.  Even when she does an ash brown.


I think this is one of those things that looks great on lighter I mentioned, all of her pictures are on blondish or very light brown hair.


I've got an appointment in late August for a cut, so I've got time to ponder it.


It's like anything else with hair, you don't know until you try it. 


That's why I have a basket full of products!

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?

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It's an art and it depends on the colorist who you are working with. It doesn't usually cost more for balayage than foils. I prefer balayage. It looks more natural.

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?

@Witchy Woman . Keep us posted- I bet it would look beautiful! I may get mine down in the fall perhaps!

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?



And, it might be better for me to wait for cooler temps, too.


Right now, it is hot and humid and my hair is not it's best.


Add to that my incoming grays, and I'll have to consider postponing the procedure.

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?

Yes, this is the problem. I had it done in late December for a wedding. .I agree with the other poster. It was the best color jobs I had done. My mom is old school hair I have had a lot done..But I liked it so much I was going to go back. Covid hit. And saved me some money.
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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?-Don’t try this at home

I missed my balayage so much (perfect for my medium brown hair) that I searched high and low for a home kit as my hairdresser's salon closed and she does not have these supplies. The Esalon kit has been out of stock for ages. I bought a home kit on eBay. This technique requires skill and a trained eye. My results are brighter but definitely warmer and less subtle than I like. Leave it to a professional-the results last for months. 

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Re: Has anyone had a balayage highlights?

@Witchy Woman 


So I asked my stylist last night....I think there may be more than one interpretation of balayage.


As I mentioned, I have ombre coloring.  Dark brunette fading down to almost blonde.


 I also have highlights up top to defer the black helmet head.


My stylist said I DO have balayage. 


Her description is that reg highlights go up to and start at the scalp, looking piecey and more noticeable.


Balayage, according to her, start further down, giving a more natural and blended look.

However, she does use foils.



You are correct, 'You don't know til you try" and the good thing about giving a new color a go is that it can be easily changed back....whereas cutting long hair to a pixie?  You are stuck!  LOL