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Has anyone Had Trouble with Philosphy MDW?

I purchased the Big Size of the Philosophy Micro Delivery Wash a few months ago after trying a smaller Bottle... I have noticed over time that it leaves my face feeling Dry after I use it..I only Use it in the Morning and my Cetaphil at Night..

I have also NOticed that around my face ..on the side of my cheeks I have been breaking out more then Ever.. I am not sure if it is because of the dryness of my face .. then my face producing more oils ..then my face breaking out..

I stopped using it a few days ago .. I have noticed my face isn't as dry now that I am really being heavy handed with my moisturizer.. I am going to stop using it for a few weeks and see if my face clears up.. Funny I didn't have a problem with it all summer.. Maybe it is it weather here in Maine Too Adding to the Problem..

I wanted to ask if any of you that have Tried The Micro Delivery Wash have had Problems with it..? or is it just Me? would love your Feedback.. Thanks!