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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

I hesitate to comment since I gave up on this foundation years ago.  It seems like she said they were adding "something" to make it "not so muddy."  Those are my words, she didn't say it like that, but that's what I took her to mean.  Not glitter, but something to make it more like original BE.  Again my interpretation. 

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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

I've used the balance & brighten in the fair shade for awhile now. I already had the regular size opened and recently I went on her supersize auto delivery and had received  that. Looked at it and put it away until I used up my current one. But I didn't want the second shipment if the colors are all wonky now, so i whipped out my new jumbo size, used her fluffy kabuki brush (brand new, never used) so not to alter the color.  For my compact in the fair shade it was the same as alway, thanks god, I hate returning. I think her B & B varies a lot from batch to batch. imhave recived the fair shade that were lighter or darker in the past but just a tad so I could make it work. I was totally thinking of getting the new light shade but am glad I stuck with the fair. This is a great foundation if the colors could be more absolute from batch to batch. I love it! Oh, and I didn't feel the formula had changed either. It felt the same going on and in the compact. I didn't feel it swooshed everywhere when I went to swipe it. No more then her regular sized compact. 

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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

I realize Laura Geller has added more shades to the Balance-N-Brighten foundation, but I'm asking about something different.  I've used this foundation in Deep for nearly two years.  Nothing but Deep. However, the latest one is decidedly lighter, and leaves my complexion a bit ashy looking.  The color correction swerves to the lighter colors.  I will no longer use it.


Has anyone had their BnB, in their same shade (whatever it is) change?  Is it the luck of the baked swirl that controls what color will dominate? I never had this problem before.


    ~~~~~~~~~@Caaareful Shopper.

        I have zero idea, but 'did' buy the large B'N'B last week and have used it 3 times. So I have nothing else to compare `THAT` with. 


Usually, I stay away from Laura Geller products for the very reason of too much talc (for me) and (sometimes) mica. 

I am not impressed with this line -period, but would have brought the blush if I could have found one I a deeper pink for very light skin, dark brunette - always wearing a red orange lipstick. 


Also bought the _i_ CARE of 10 pecils for eyeliners. Absolutely Do Not like those,,,,, or are old ..(could be) the typical, but those flake when appying.


I purchased because of the great presentation of a gel GLIDE for sensitive eyes; still on a waitlist, though.


I have LG's 1 bronzer from 3 years ago which is very drying..I should have known !..............


 I have had great results from Too Faced, Urban Day with lip and blush -but discontined. 

I am (and for me this is very RARE) sending these back.


When  >>>>>>>>>any brand is sold out to (usually a Japanese, or Has China ..testing.. when buying the small company, bidding for the highest $$s, then everything does my researched  varied OPINIONS. 


Now, back to my high end BESTS and no, not interested in the drugstore _stuff_ sold under Revlon and Clairol.


I do have my reservations concerning the two before mentioned id being animal tested under another name! (??)


Will not buy anymore of the Tarte, bare Essentials or now the LG  being sold to another whATever company.

I have limited time to counter shop at leading department stores , so thought this would be better, Fooled me. Back to the counters. 


All about $$s and after making [said bid] run with the money and say: good luck.



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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

@Caaareful Shopper wrote:

I see your point @hoosieroriginal, but I do not agree with it.  Balance n Brighten is supposedly made and sold as a color-correcting foundation.  If it color corrects my complexion, it should first color correct itself first.  With the different combination of colors, they must be able to provide an end result that delivers the same consistent foundation shade, not something so entirely different.  I have used it for nearly 2 years with no problem at all.  In fact, it was my favorite foundation.  This last one is not usable at all for me.  


I'm past the 30-day return policy, otherwise not only would I return it, I would ask them to not charge me a return fee.  That's how different it is.  



@Caaareful Shopper


 Please read mine FOR anyone asking about Laura G's Brighten and "B".......................



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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

@KingstonsMom wrote:

Just yesterday I wondered the same thing. I've been wearing medium in this for years, but my last purchase looks too orange now.


I also noticed that it has a lot of loose powder flying around when I use it, which it didn't do before. 


ETA: Well, I ordered the deluxe size in Light since the medium is now so orange and guess what?


The Light is orange too and looks much more powdery on my face and flies all over the room too. Maybe they changed their 'baking' method, I don't know.


Guess I'm done with LG. Smiley Sad

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Re: Has LG Balance-n-Brighten Changed?

I tried it and did not like it a few years ago.  I opened several compacts in the same color and some had more dark and some had more light.  I don't see how you could get consistent color.