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Re: Has Anyone Tried or is Using Juice Beauty?

@FunlovingYes, I still love my JI products. A pretty eyeshadow shade is called "SuperNova", makes my green eyes pop. A great purple-mauve color. I have used that one for years. Another favorite is "Allure". A good color for under the brows. If you like a blue-green, "Mermaid".


Yes, I still use Blinc mascara. I have tried other tube mascaras but Blinc is my all-time favorite. I like the regular one. I don't need much but do need color.


Also, use Bobbi Brown's cream eyeshadow in the pot. Have used these forever too. Another purple is "Heather". I use these alone or for a base. Then top with JI shadows. Talk about staying power.


Make-Up Forever is my liquid foundation. I love JI powder when I don't want a full face. And yes, "the Handi" is my go-to brush from JI.


Josie Maran is another one that I use with her color sticks. Lips and cheeks all in one. Loved her hydrating powder but she quit making that one.


Have been using Tarte's lip butters but not much staying power. But love the colors. But my favorite is still "JI Just Kissed" lipsticks. And I do like her glosses too.


Still using Wen and at times use Biolage. Tried the Biolage Sugar Shine and liked it at first but it seemed to dry out my hair. Sad, because it smelled so good. I do like Sugar Shine spray for shine. Lanza makes my favorite serum called "Healing Oil". Lanza is a great line for shampoo too.


The Sephora sample box is wonderful. Just go to their site and sign-up. I have been very pleased each month. Fun to try things that I might not ever think about.


Still use Nars "O" blush. Do the same with the shadow. Cream blush first then powder blush on top.


I have been using Borghese again after so many years ago when I first tried it. I do like their skincare and to be honest, I'm blessed with good skin. But I have always taken care except a few years in my early teens and 20's that I thought getting a tan was the thing. Now I just go with being "Casper".


Another thing in the JI line is the make-up setting mist. I guess I could go on foreverWoman LOL

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Re: Has Anyone Tried or is Using Juice Beauty?


HaHa @SisterGoldenHair-


Products are a never-ending topic for me, too.  Love Bobbi Brown's Heather and the color Slate for powder.  One shadow that always looks good is scary in the pan.. and soo beautiful blended with a lighter shadow- Urban Decay's "Flash" ALWAYS looks great.  I'll have to check out JI's SuperNova- I know that shade name very well and remember many people love it.


Speaking of Josie Maran- I think I found what could be holy grail material.  I haven't talked about it much- simply because I haven't been using it that long and it may not work as well during summer.  I have really dry skin and her new foundation "Vibrancy" works awesome with my skin.  I never liked Matchmaker at all.  This one takes a few minutes to meld... then it becomes one with the skin.. looking like my skin but much better & not foundation.  Very natural & am loving it!


Erin asked me about Birchbox a while back, so I think I'll surprise her with a monthly Sephora Beauty Box.  Thanks for the great idea!  I never check Sephora anymore and that sounds perfect for her.  She loves "try mes".  When I used to get samples they'd go to her.   She was always thrilled.


I'll stop here because I could go on and on.  I sure miss the Salon and our lovely ladies.  So glad we had a chance to chat. It was fun reading your posts and getting caught up on your beauty favorites! Heart


Take care, sweetie!!