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I'm 95% positive I saw that you have a birthday coming up (tomorrow?)

I may not be around tomorrow so here is my HB wish to you!


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Yes, the 20th is her 74th birthday. 



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@Malcontent wrote:


Yes, the 20th is her 74th birthday. 



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Mazet Tov to our Dear Shanus, many,. many more!!!

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WOW! Yes, tomorrow's the big day, but early wishes always welcome. 


Thanks, Ladies for remembering. 💕

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Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, @Shanus and many more happy & healthy celebrations to come!



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@Shanus   Wishing a happy 74th and lots of celebration with your best friend and family🎂🎊🎉

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Have a wonderful birthday, to our Friend Shanus!  "You is kind, you is smart, You is important" (credit to movie The Help)- 🥳💝🌷

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