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Re: Hand cream/lotion

I love Skinfix, I buy it at CVS when I have coupons or Extra Bucks. Makes a noticeable difference.


Recently I found Vera Bradley Vanilla Sea Salt hand cream at TJ Maxx for $3.99. It has a light pleasant scent and it isn't greasy.

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Re: Hand cream/lotion

I started using Skinn Body Balm Extreme at night on my hands and cuticles. Like the results so far and alternate in the day with usually Perlier hand creams.

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Re: Hand cream/lotion

CeraVe moisturizing Lotion. I used to buy hand lotions for my hands, but I just recently purchased this lotion and it works better than other hand lotions that I tried.

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Re: Hand cream/lotion

TATCHA hand cream is the best I have ever tried. It's a little expensive, but absolutely worth every penny to me and my family.
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Re: Hand cream/lotion

@Beccaboone2 wrote:

May I please get your recommendations on a hand cream or lotion that sinks in quickly and doesn't leave an oily/greasy residue?  I am lucky that I don't have dry skin, but I do wash my hands A LOT (I work in healthcare) and in the winter my hands get dry.  But if the lotion/cream doesn't sink in immediately and leave my hands residue-free, I tend to wipe if off, which obviously negates the point of using it to begin with!  Smiley Very Happy


I prefer unscented products. Thanks so much for your expert recommendations! 


@Beccaboone2  I like Cereve lotion. There’s a tub that’s heavier, richer...use that on legs, etc. The lotion in a pumper stays at my sink.


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Re: Hand cream/lotion

@Beccaboone2... I’m sure you will get a lot of recommendations, so please feel free to add this one to the list...WEN nourishing body treatment.  I carry the little 3 ounce tubes in my purse. The soap in the ladies room at my office is so drying on my skin, so I put a little dab on after cleaning my hands and they stay hydrated and soft!

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Re: Hand cream/lotion

I like Perlier.  


Surprisingly, the Beekman Whipped  Body Cream is an awesome hand cream, but not their handcream in the tubes. 


For winter, Skinn Hand Restore is incredible. Long lasting, but non greasy. 


This trio is available at Evine for $30


Skinn Cosmetics Assorted Hand Restore Anti-Aging Cream Trio 2 oz Each Gift Set - 313-284
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Re: Hand cream/lotion

Another vote for the Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream. I hate the feeling of a greasy handcream but my hands were like sandpaper with this cold winter and crack by my thumb nail. I bought the Gold Bond hand cream at Walgreens for $5.99 and not greasy at all and it really works.



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Re: Hand cream/lotion

Perlier hand creams are exellent.  I'm never disappointed.  My favorite Perlier handcream is the original Honey.  You may find White Almond to be a better option since you are subjected to frequent hand washing using the soap at work.  The soaps used in healthcare facilities aren't known for their hydrating benefits. White Almond is a bit richer than the Honey, but both are effective.