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I refuse to pay $55 and above for a haircut.  You start liking the stylist and bingo the price increases.  I said no to last increase and had to find someone  new.  The young woman cutting my hair now is such a nice person.  The way this salon works is only 2 stylists a day in the salon because it s small so it works out for the stylists and one stylists pays for chair and has all his own clients, the other gals work for the salon.  My haircut is $40 which is very reasonable and she cuts my hair really cute in a Pixie.  Do you have a limit as to how much you will pay for a haircut?

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Not really.  



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The Pandemic shut down hurt so many businesses. My salon is a 2 person situation and I'm friendly with the owner. She explained that she lost business and her supplies have really increased in price.  She had to increase her prices , but such a small amount I have no trouble paying them. It's a fine line they walk, the need to increase prices but not so much that you lose business. One woman said , " How dare you charge more. ". People are the worst. 

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I always get my color & cut together, so I don't even know how each service breaks out.  I pay $120 for color & cut (she gives me the friends/family discount).  Prior to getting the discount, she charged $165ish for color & cut.  Either way, I think it is reasonable.  My hairdresser prior to her charged even more for my color & cut and was nowhere near as talented as my current hairdresser!  It's a win-win!

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I go happily to Supercuts.  Basic haircut is $18.95 (I think) 10% senior discount.  They do add a $3.95 surcharge for Covid.  But I would be very unhappy paying more than $30 or $40.



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I get a cut and color and my stylist is a one person room but she raised her prices by $10 the first of the year. I pay $120. I like her, she does a good job and she has reasonable hours and is very accommodating.

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I don't pay for haircuts as my daughter is a stylist and cuts my hair for free.   Of course, I did pay for her to go to cosmotology school...........

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I don't see the point in spending much on something that doesn't last very long. The most I've ever paid was $55 once and that's with tax and tip but I haven't spent that much in years. I now keep it under $30 (again with tax and tip).

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Last year I decided I'd had enough of paying $40 and up for a short pixie cut. I go to Super Cuts now. Twenty bucks every five weeks. Natural grey hair. I get compliments on my hairstyle and "color". 

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I had the stylist for 15 years...then the salon owner began charging much more, so most of the stylists left and went to new salons. Mine has moved three times and is too far away now. She is now wanting $85 for a haircut. Too much, especially since I had been paying her $50 for years....I think her long-time clients should get a break on her prices. I found someone else ho does a good job and charges less.