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Hair style with thin crown area

So it is such a bummer to be getting thin on the crown/top area of my hair!!


I like to wear my hair shoulder length. I look better with that than I do in short hair.


Does anyone have this issue with the top of hair and do you know of or wear a certain style that helps hide this on top?


I even got a topper from Sherri Shepherd line but it is too light  Smiley Sad


Thank you!!

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

@CherryHugs  When you wear your hair long it pulls down the top of the head/hair making the hair thinner on top.  Can you dye the topper you have?  Or, take it to a beauty salon and get advice on dying it and let the salon do it.  I wear my hair short now because it is easy care.  The only time I had long hair to almost my waist was when I was a young girl maybe 5 or 6 years old.  I wore it that way probably until 8 or 9 and then I was sick of my mother braiding it and then taking out the braids and all the pulling -- I had it all cut off.   I was tired of the torture.  lol  Cat Happy

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

It's just one of those unfortunate signs of aging; it has nothing to do with the fact that your hair is shoulder length. That by itself does not pull your hair down or make it thinner on top.


My hair is very curly, so usually the sparser part up there doesn't show too much. I do check in a mirror and then sort rearrange my hair if necessary. You could do that and then maybe apply a little gel or a shot of hairspray to keep it in place.


Of course, if it's more than a small area, this probably wouldn't solve the problem.

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

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I don't have this issue but I have a asymmetrical chin length hairstyle. This cut covers my crown area since the hair is heavily parted over to the other side. You can also tease the back a little as needed for volume.


I agree your hair should be shorter perhaps with layers so there is more volume at the crown. Instead of shoulder length maybe up to the middle of your neck.


Try finding out why your hair is thinning. If it's hereditary hair loss caused by an accumulation of DHT (a testosterone byproduct), there are natural supplements you can take. I have a friend who uses DHT block (Amazon) and he also uses Minoxidill and his hair loss has noticeably diminished. He was freaking out since he's still in his 20s and this has really made a difference.  Good luck

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

What about a layered cut?  Shorter on the top, longer on the bottom.  Less weight for the crown hair, allowing for more lift and fullness, while keeping the length you like for the way it looks around your face.  I have more fallout when my hair is longer.  Layering is a great solution for that, and it's better suited for my hair type.


You could also try a lower part and comb over.



Also, a product I recently found might help with fullness....  Tweak'd Rhassoul Rise & Shine  mist from HSN.  I don't see it on their site now, but I got it a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it.  They do have Rhassoul shampoo and conditioners for sale.  I wouldn't hesitate to give those a try.  BUT everybody is different.  What works for my fine, thin hair might not work for yours.


I personally wouldn't put any pieces in it, because they have to be secured to real hair, and that would weaken MY hair and cause breakage and/or fall out.  I wouldn't wear a ponytail (if my hair was long enough) for the same reason.

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

Joan Rivers Have a Great Hair Day fill in powder is designed to hide peekaboo scalp.


Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder Auto-Delivery - A91735

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

I too have thinning hair at the crown and it is very upsetting to me.  I wear my hair short and layered and have found Joan Rivers Great Hair Day to be a really great find.  Since my hair is mostly - but not completely - gray, I use two colors and am able to create more of a salt and pepper look.  First I use the powder, then I tease the areas that I am trying to “thicken”.  I’ve read different opinions of this product, but it works for me!

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

I use Toppik to hide my roots.........but it also gives LOTS of body

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area

I have a chin length bob with bangs. I use Great Hair Day, and  Everpro spray. Also I went lighter on the color, and that seems to make it less noticeable. It's a bummer thinning on top, the rest of my hair is abundant. 

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Re: Hair style with thin crown area



I agree with trying Toppik Hair Building Fibers (found on Amazon and Walmart).

Good coverage for thinning hair or covering roots.  It's easy to apply with a little shake to release product.  Good color choices too.

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