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@butterfly123   Thanks!  I appreciate the reply and recommendation.

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Confession: Can’t swim. Scared to death of the water...even turn my back to shower head. Lol. So, never had an issue except when standing in ocean (to my ankles), the grandkids splash me. I didn’t think about it until my hairdresser said my grey hair can turn colors by chlorine or sun. 

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I found something called the "TURBELLA" on Amazon. It says it is a waterproof turban. It looks a tad better than a swim cap. Works sort of like a turbie twist. I don't think it could take a full on dunking. But if some kids splashed around you -- hair and keratin investment, safe.




Sort of similar topic, as I was searching I saw swim caps that had the brand "Whale" printed right on the front of the caps. I mean, whales are beautiful and all... but that's not a word I need emblazoned on my head when I go around in a swimsuit.

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I have tried coconut oil to protect my hair and it worked. And I sometimes use a swimming cap if I think oil will not be enough.