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If my post was hurtful, I am sorry.

You have every right to feel the way you do....and I'm sure I would too.

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Yea, that's what I'm afraid of.


As I said, I don't think my stylist is up to the task, and I surely would walk out of there looking like Billy Ray Cyrus in the old days.



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Oh no @Witchy Woman. I was not hurt in the least bit! I just wanted to give my perspective on the subject of  'bald'. No need to be sorry.HeartWoman Happy

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@Witchy Woman  My hair is poker straight and very fine.  It would never hold a curl for five minutes.  I just wear it long and blonde with bangs.  Since I work out a lot, I need the length so I can throw it into a ponytail or a bun.  When it needs a trim, I just get in front of the mirror with my scissors, and away I go.  Because it's so straight and thin, it's easy to get it even.  I also have always colored it myself.  It's liberating to me to not have to worry about a hair style or going to the salon!

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After having my hair cut and styled the same way for probably 20+ years I decided that I was bored with it and the only to get unbored was to try to let it grow so I could do something different.


Maybe it needs to grow a little more because part of me is not loving it right now and keep thinking I should just go back to the old, boring look.  


Then the other part of me is saying, no don't go back you're helping to plan  a wedding and there will be lots of parties and pictures and I'll want something different for them.



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I am almost totally bald on top and back of scalp due to thyroid and anemia conditions. I tried everything, the laser growth, minoxidol, onions,etc. Nothing works.


I have been wearing wigs since about 2005, they look great and I love 💕 them. 


No criticism is meant here just the old adage, I complained about my shoes until met a man without feet.


I try to be greatful for what I have.


Good Luck with your hair style!







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Every time I show my stylist a photo of a style I like she says "I can cut it like that, but your hair doesn't have enough body for it to look like that."  Sigh.

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Over the years I have found that as much as we pay for haircuts, maybe 1 out of 50 stylists is really any good.  Yet the prices keep going up and most of these stylists have little training.  Sometimes a WIG is the answer!

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I could have written your post....

I love my wigs too ! They are so much nicer than any hair I ever had ☺️

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My very long hair has suddenly become very oily to the point of having to wash every other day, but the ends are dry.     Even worse, I have lost a lot of hair in the past 6 months.  I really don't like to go the salon either. Color at home . Chasing the roots neverending...


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