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I pay $25.00 for a wash/cut/blow dry in a salon in the mall.  I tip her $10.00 because she really fusses with my hair. She gives me a precision cut and then uses a curling iron.

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I have long hair and have gone to my hairdresser for many years. For color (I bring my own) and hair cut, I pay $40 and give a tip of $10.

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@Catwhisperer  $10 is good for back & sides, but if you have a 3 sided mirror (with the 2 sides you can open & adjust ) then you can see the sides & almost all of the back. I sometimes use a hand held mirror to see the back. 

When it was shorter like yours I used a razor amd you can buy extra blades for it. They sell them at Sally Beauty. I use it when there’s a piece that I want to blend in.

I’m so glad you can do yours! No appointments, less $$$ and it can be done when needed.


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I live in Westchester County, NY.


I got my hair cut last week at a curly hair salon.  My first time there, small place with 2 chairs.  I got the impression the owner works on her own.  It was $140 + $30 tip.  I also bought 2 hair products.  


Last year, before my nephew's wedding, I went to my first curly hair salon.  It was $120 + tip for the cut.  On the day of the wedding, he charged me $60 to style.


Otherwise I go to a small, one person salon nearby.  She cuts it dry, same as the curly hair salons.  She charges $14 but I just give her $20.  I don't get anything fancy; she just follows the cut.


Previous to the curly hair salon, I was going to a local salon and started paying $45 for wash, cut, blowdry and then it eventually went to $60.  No thanks.  I was not getting a $60 haircut - took her all of 20 minutes.


I color/highlight my own hair.

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I have long hair and a salon cut at an inexpensive salon would cost me at least $25 plus a tip. I have learned to cut my own hair since I am doing trims on my one length hair. I also trim my own bangs since my hair grows fast.

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Honestly, I’m not sure what a cut is by itself, because I always get color (single process color) & cut together. My hairdresser charges $185 for both. She gives free bang trims in between appointments.

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Re: Hair cut costs?

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Mine is $60.00 for a wash, cut & blow dry. I'm in southeastern, PA (Bucks County). Some of the stylists at my salon charge more.  However if I had a problem with my bangs and came in between cuts for her to cut them she wouldn't charge me anything but I would certainy give her a nice tip.

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$60.00 for a shoulder length blunt haircut no layers and if I want it curled $10.00 extra. But if I want my bangs trimed it is free. 

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north Florida....You can pay a little or a lot.  An average is about 38.00 plus tip.  I went into Great Clips a few weeks ago and got a great cut for 12.99.  She got way more than a 20% tip.  I went there years ago and got a mess of a cut...all layers were uneven and just impossible to style so it is just who you get as a hair cutter.   I will probably call back and this woman will have left town...

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Have no idea. DH trims the ends of my hair.

He uses a Flowbee to cut his own hair & has for at least 30 yrs.