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Re: Hair Max ...Results?

Had a bit of a Hairmax scare last night.  My first Hairmax didn't work out of the box and I had to send it back.  So, last night I noticed the light was off.  Played with the USB connection, but still no light.  I pushed the button and the LEDs came on, so I tried to convince myself maybe the charging light goes off when fully charged.  Of course, I knew that wasn't right, but I didn't want to have to send it back especially since I might be seeing some results.  Well, got up this morning getting ready for church and plug in my hair dryer and......nothing.  None of any of the bathroom plugs were working.  Reset the circuit breaker and still no joy.  So, I had to find a room in the house with a mirror in close proximity to an outlet that wasn't a bathroom.  Not an easy task.  Hubby reset the GFCI when he got up.  Hairmax light is back on.  Whew!