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Re: HSN 7/28 - Dolly Parton Fragrance TS

@Chi-town girl 

I received Dolly's body cream today and it reminds me of something my grandma would have worn. It's just not for me. I will be sending this back. I have decided my buying fragrances I am not familiar with I will not be purchasing. I sure miss our department stores. 

Also I think this fragrance is in my opinion quite strong and heady. 

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Re: HSN 7/28 - Dolly Parton Fragrance TS

@Chi-town girl  I got dolly's Body Cream today! Just got an e-mail & the TS Perfume should be arriving tomorrow 4th.


I love her body butter! Its just a bit different then the perfume but not by much. I do get more of the Manderin Orange (citrus) which lasts longer by 20min. than the fragrance then that beautiful Vanilla Orchid with a touch of Jasmine lasts for 2 hrs. The dry down becomes a skin scent with a soft vanilla, white musk & sandlwood. The Jar was full too. 


None of my body butters scents last for over 3 hrs. Also, It feels light & silky on my skin & absorbs well. I put it on my palms & arms only. It works well for me but our noses & chemistry differ so other could have a different opinion than mine. Its the only celebrity scent I have now. I did have more in the past & this leans more designer quality imo.