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HD Powders/Illuminating Powders Learning Curve and Questions...

Is a person supposed to press HD plain powder into creases such as those that run from the nostril to the mouth and the ones that run from the corners of the mouth downward? Does this powder blur those creases and make them less visible?

Is an Illuminating powder supposed to do this same thing also?

I am practicing and finding that upon second try, getting better results. HD powder pressed lightly everywhere, including T zone, gives a softer look.

Illuminating powder, on the other hand, seems best controlled with a finger tip, buffing in (so it is not sparkly). Areas it seems to enhance, so far, are forhead, outer upper edge of face from upper lid/brow out to hairline, lids, undereye, top of cheekbone outward, creases of nose, and mouth to chin -- these appear minimized. Is this the correct way to use HD products, does anybody know? TIA

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